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Wimberley Community Civic Club (WCCC) Nonprofit Grants


WCCC annually awards project grants based on availability of funds to Wimberley community nonprofit organizations serving the Wimberley 78676 zip code.  Application process, eligibility, and guidelines are listed below.




  • Application portal online opens to accept applications on March 1, 2024 at 10:00 am using this link: WCCC Grant Application.

  • Application is a Google form that requires a Google Account to access. Google accounts are free and can be registered under any email address (,,,, etc.). 

  • DEADLINE for Applications is Monday, March 18, 2024 at 10:00 pm.  

  • If there are questions or a problem with accessing the form please contact the Grant Committee 2024 Chair, Trish Rigdon by email at  with “WCCC Grant” in the subject line for assistance.




  • Organizations must confirm nonprofit status by submitting a copy of IRS Letter of Determination along with application.

  • WCCC does not award funds to public or private schools, religious organizations, or political organizations. 

  • Only projects that directly serve individuals, animals, or groups in the Wimberley 78676 zip code are eligible. 

  • Local chapters of state or national organizations that receive funding from the parent organization must provide evidence that the project for which funds are requested serves individuals or groups in the Wimberley 78676 ZIP code. 




  • Extent to which the organization’s use of WCCC funds (in the past year and proposed) is consistent with the WCCC values of improving life for the local Wimberley community and its residents;

  • Extent to which all sections of application are completed. A list of questions is provided for your convenience on page 2;

  • Extent of support the nonprofit applicant has given WCCC in the past year (e.g., volunteering, donating items for silent auctions, etc.); and

  • Need


The questions asked in the 2024 Application Google Form are listed below and are provided for your convenience to prepare for the application.  It is recommended that you create a draft of the narrative sections and copy and paste them to the Google form. The Google form will generate a comprehensive spreadsheet of all applications for the Grant Committee to track data. Unless otherwise noted all questions are required. You must complete all required questions to move to the next section or page of the form. You must upload all required documents before submission is allowed. Maximum file size is 100 MB.  Acceptable file types are Word, Excel, or PDF.  Keynote, Pages, and PowerPoint files will not be accepted. On the last page of the form there is a “Submit” button that sends a confirmation email and a copy of submission for the organization’s files. The email will also include a link to edit the application if needed.


2024 WCCC Grant Application Questions


  • Organization Name

  • Organization’s website URL

  • Organization’s Social Media URLs

  • Organization Office Location Address (must be in Wimberley 78676 zip code, not a PO Box)

  • Organization Mailing Address

  • Contact Email Address

  • Contact Last Name

  • Contact First Name

  • Contact Email address

  • Contact Phone (in case the committee has questions)

  • Organization's mission/purpose

  • Description of services the organization provides.

  • Do the services of the organization impact all people regardless of race, sex, gender orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc. Please provide approximate demographic information if yes or explanation for limitation if no.

  • Does the organization serve a specific disadvantaged or underserved population?  If yes, please explain. If not, please list "Serves All".

  • Is the organization the only one in the Wimberley area that provides this service? If NO, describe how the organization is different from other organizations providing the same or similar services.

  • Please list other sources of funding that the organization has received, will receive, or has applied for your current budget.  Include name of funder and amount received, confirmed, or requested. 

  • If the organization received WCCC funding in 2023 provide a follow-up quantifiable and narrative report. How did it benefit the Wimberley Valley Community? How many individuals, animals, groups were served? What are the demographics of those served? If you have any anecdotal stories about the impact of the funding WCCC 2023 grant provided, please share that as well. If the organization did not receive WCCC funding in the past, please enter NA.

  • May we include information from your follow-up report in WCCC press releases and social media posts?

  • Grant amount requested.

  • What percentage of the organization's overall budget is the grant amount requested?

  • Describe in as much detail as possible the project, item, or program that the funds will support if granted.

  • Describe what the impact would be on the community and organization if WCCC does not grant the request? 

  • What support did the organization provide WCCC in 2023 (volunteers for an event, silent auction donation, donated funds, etc.)? Please be specific. 

  • What support does the organization plan to provide WCCC in 2024 (volunteers for an event, silent auction donation, donated funds, etc.)? Please be specific.

  • OPTIONAL: What else should we know about the organization and the request for funding?

  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Confirmation of nonprofit status (e.g. IRS letter of determination), current annual budget, project or item budget. 

  • OPTIONAL: Upload any other documentation, photos of the organization providing its services, or letters or email from recipients of services relevant to the request. (Maximum number of files is 10; 100 MB maximum file size)

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