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Wimberley Community Civic Club Scholarship Application


The Wimberley Community Civic Club offers financial aid to college-bound Wimberley Valley and KAPS students.

Eligible students must attend school within the Wimberley ISD limits. This includes home-schooled students. Applications will be considered for a traditional university or for a qualified non-traditional institution of higher learning, such as a trade school, culinary or art institute.








Questions can be directed to WHS or KAPS school counselors.

WCCC members are not allowed to discuss scholarships with applicants or parents.

If a student is awarded a scholarship, they must show WCCC proof of enrollment in their intended university or trade school by August 15, 2023 such as a copy of a school ID or class schedule.

If an applicant fails to comply with this requirement, their scholarship monies will be forfeited.

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