2020-2021 Board Officers


Karen Thormalen

1st Vice President (Programs)

Nancy Robertson

2nd Vice President (Membership)

Susan Cooper


Becky Selman

Recording Secretary

Becky Williams

Corresponding Secretary

Kay Konove

Home Tour Co-Chairs

Suzanne Davis, Lisa Dodson, Melinda Miller

Spring Event Co-Chairs

Jerri LaMirand, Robin Lowe, Linda Rawlings

If you wish to contact the President directly, please click here to send her an email.

Standing Committees

Consist of 3 Members serving 3 year terms appointed by the board.


Anna White and Lisa Dodson


Candy Bowman (Chair) and  Robin Estepp 

Regular Committees

Consist of Chair and members in good standing to assist. One year term; board can extend to another year.

Benevolent Fund

Bennie Crum

Deer Creek December Birthday Party

Tonda Frady

Directory Editor

Cris Peterson


Stephanie Miller


Cindy Miller, Jan Boutsikaris

New Member Mentoring

Kellie Latimer


Linda Buckley


Teresa Kendrick


Cris Peterson

Appointed Committees

Wine Walk


Style Show


Trivia Night


Crawfish Boil


  Past Presidents

Jane Richards

Jan Jackson

Ruth Allen

M.F. Johnson

Nancie Austin

Julie Harrison

Ruthie Gardner

Sharon Brown

Sally DeMasters

Susan Holt

Mary Joe Roddie

Mary Davis Stamy

Saza Dobie

Della Brodrick*

Jo Ann Cloninger

Sybil Patterson

Carol Williams

Linda Hewlett

Lynn Sykes

Margie Criswell

Billie Reece

Dorothy Carter

Beverly Hartsock

Kathryn Eoff

Liz Starrett

Jan Millard

Pat Koeppe*

Barbara Pevoto

Patti Morgan

Darlene Kukla

Tonda Frady*

Aurora LeBrun

Nancy Williams*

Anna White*

Becky McCullough*

Robin Lowe*

*Current Member

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Our Civic Club Story

In March of 1979, a group of 12 women living in Wimberley recognized the increased needs of a rapidly-growing community. They gathered and discussed forming an active service organization, The Community Civic Club. It was their purpose to "nurture a strong community spirit, to be ever aware of our community's needs and services, and to welcome newcomers."

These 12 women laid a solid foundation to the current organization of the Community Civic Club; they also began the tradition of service and financial support to the community through their first fund raiser in 1981. The Civic Club has grown to 200 comprised of long time members and new led by an elected board. Every year members come together to welcome new members, form and continue friendships as we raise funds for the community through the Hill Country Home Tour, Wimberley Wine Walk, and Spring Events. Our dedicated members offer their time, talents, and resources as we progress through the year. In the spring we all gather to celebrate the fruits of our labors by sharing our proceeds with local non-profit organizations and college-bound seniors.


This year, May 10, 2019, contributions exceeded $65,000. 

The Civic Club and its members are grateful to the community for selecting it as the Best Civic Organization for 2018. This recognition strengthens our commitment to continue to foster relationships as we plan our fund-raising and service activities. We have worked very hard to achieve our goals but it could not have been done without the support of the community at large, volunteers from other local organizations, as well as the many businesses and individuals who have generously supported us through sponsorships, gifts, and other donations. And in 2019 we celebrated 40 years of giving!

This success spurs us to start our year again and do even better in 2019-20. Our members, old, new, and future ones, will continue serving our community for years to come. Our current President, Robin Lowe thanks all of our members for their service as they have made a place for Civic Club in their busy lives, and the community for joining and supporting us this year. We hope you plan to join us in the fall for Home Tour as we continue the legacy and into the spring with Wimberley Wine Walk and Spring Event 2020. Join or renew our membership on the web page under the Membership tab.

The Wimberley Civic Club is a 501(c)(3) organization that returns all profits to the community through donations to qualifying local non-profit organizations and scholarships to college-bound seniors attending local schools.

By Anna White, 2017 President

Written to commemorate our 40th Anniversary

Copyright 2021 Wimberley Community Civic Club

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