Wimberley Community Civic Club 2021 Scholarship Recipients

We are happy to announce the ten deserving scholarship recipients for the 2021 year! These students demonstrated great academic achievement, leadership skills, and participation in activities in school and in the Wimberley community.  A total of $12,800 have been provided for scholarships this year to these students for their education beyond high school. In alphabetical order, they are:

Chloe Chavez

Emily Joan Cook

Yessica Gutierrez

Madison Claire Killion

Jordan McFarland

Daniela Perez

Evangelina Perez

Benjamin Pierson

Kyla Ann Simpson

Zane Eric Stevenson

Students must show WCCC proof of enrollment in their intended university or trade school by August 13, 2021 such as a copy of a school ID or class schedule. If an applicant fails to comply with this requirement, their scholarship monies will be forfeited.